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塞哥维亚(Segovia)在1985年,被联合国教科文组织认定为世界文化遗产。宏伟的大渡槽是罗马帝国在西班牙保留下的最壮观的遗迹之一。它总长16公里,负责将水从水源引至城堡。塞哥维亚大教堂是座教堂的半圆形后殿顶始建于1525年,从此也划分了马约尔广场(Plaza Mayor)与老犹太区(Judería Vieja)的界限。教堂内部最突出的是十六世纪的花窗玻璃以及萨巴蒂尼设计的主圣坛。


 By David Mark -  Pixabay 

Segovia Cathedral

Segovia Cathedral is located in the Plaza Mayor (main square) of the city, built between 1525 and 1577 during the reign of Charles V, it is an impressive Gothic cathedral which looms over the town of Segovia.


There are many exquisite features in the interior, from the paintings on the wall to religious artworks. The most outstanding are the numerous great stained glass windows depicts Biblical scenes, artworks such as the Crying over the Dead Christ and the Altarpiece.

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Segovia Cathedral

 By Anne & Saturnino Miranda - Pixabay 


Standing majestically on a high rocky crag, dominating Segovia’s skyline, the Alcázar is a wonderful sight,  simply breathtaking. It is believed that this magnificent castle inspired two iconic Disney castles Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Cinderella Castle. Disney also used the Alcázar inspiration again to design Cinderella Castle, the symbolic fairytale castle of Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland.


The Alcázar was built on the site of  a 12th century Roman fort, but apart from the foundations, little of the original structure remains.  It's one of the most famous castles among the Spanish Kings, as they chose to reside here for its charming exterior, that shaped like the bow of a ship.

By Selbymay - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.

Alcázar, Segovia

By Selbymay -, CC BY-SA 3.0


萨拉曼卡 (Salamanca) 这座世界文化遗产城市拥有悠久的教学传统、丰富的学生资源以及具有纪念意义的建筑遗产。



Salamanca Cathedrals

Salamanca boasts two cathedrals that stand side by side. The Old cathedral dating from the 12th century, was built in the Romanesque styles, while the New Cathedral from the 16th century in the Gothic style. Both are authentic jewels of Salamanca.


Tower and Dome of the New Cathedral Cathedral, Salamanca

By Jentges at Luxembourgish Wikipedia


The Domes of the New and Old  Cathedral, Salamanca

By Manuel Ramallo - Pixabay 

The Old Cathedral, Salamanca

By Manuel Ramallo - Pixabay 
By xiquinhosilva from Cacau -CC BY 2.0.j

The Old Cathedral, Salamanca

By xiquinhosilva from Cacau, CC BY 2.0

Plaza Mayor

The Plaza Mayor is the main square in the heart of Salamanca, the seat of the city's Town Hall and a popular gathering area for locals  . It was built in the 18th century, with traditional lavish Spanish baroque style, flanked by bars, ice cream parlors, restaurants and varieties of shops . A very handy place to pick up some souvenirs home.


Plaza Mayor, Salamanca

By Drow male -,  CC BY-SA 4.0

Town Hall in Plaza Mayor, Salamanca

By Manuel Ramallo -  Pixabay 

Roman Bridge (Puente Romano de Salamanca)

The Salamanca Roman Bridge (Puente Romano de Salamanca) is a picturesque stone arched bridge built in the 1st century AD. The bridge crosses one of the widest stretches of the Tormes River.

used salamanca-1078952_1280.jpg

Roman Bridge,  Salamanca

By  Clemen Fraile -  Pixabay 


阿维拉 (Avila) 是一座保持着中世纪风貌的古城, 也是西班牙保存的最好的城墙之一。1985年,她被列为世界文化遗产城市。这座中世纪古城标志性的城墙总长超过2.5公里,共有88个哨塔和9扇大门,使人一望即知 。其中最突出的是圣文森特门(San Vicente)和城堡门(Alcázar)。城墙内保存着各种各样充满历史特色的教堂、女修道院、纪念性建筑和古老的小街,为这里在中世纪时期的繁荣一时之明证 。市内的大教堂是西班牙最古老的哥特式教堂。虽历近千年,仍完整如初,阿维拉以有这座城垣而闻名如世。这里还有犹太人、摩尔人和基督徒三大文化的产物。

M.Peinado flickr.jpg


By M.Peinado, CC BY 3.0

Walls of Avila

Built during the 12th century , this impressive fortifications, 2.5 km barrier of stone and granite, with 88 semicircular towers and 9 gates that surround the city. It is one of the best-conserved example of their kind in the world. Don’t leave Avila without walking around the ramparts of the walls.


The Walls of Avila

By NakNakNak -  Pixabay 

The Walls of Avila

By Elena F D -, Public Domain

Cathedral  of  Avila

 By Ignacio Boza - Pixabay 

Cathedral  of  Avila

By - wikimedia .org, CC BY-SA 3.0
NakNakNak da Pixabay

Basilica di San Vicente, Avila


By NakNakNak -  Pixabay 

Convent of Saint Teresa, Avila

By Emilio J. Rodríguez Posada -, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Los Cuatro Postes

An old monument right outside of the Avila city walls, the shrine marks the spot where St. Teresa's uncle stopped her from seeking martyrdom in battle with the Moors. Offers many panoramic viewpoints and great pictures opportunity. 

By Go Travelling , Public Domain
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Los Cuatro Postes (Viewpoint of the Four Posts)

By Go Travelling , Public Domain
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