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Community of Madrid

El Escorial 

The historical residence of the king featuring a church, a monastery, a royal palace, a college, and a library, and all blend harmoniously with straight-lined Spanish décor. It is  declared as a UNESCO world heritage site.

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El Escorial 

By Jaroslav Hruska - Pixabay 


The second UNESCO world heritage site. Palacio Real, the summer home for the Bourbons, and the lavishly designed Casa del Labrador near the Tagus River.  


Palacio Real, Aranjuez

By Pedro Nieves - Pixabay 

Palacio Real, Aranjuez

By Joaquin Aranoa - Pixabay 

Alcalá de Henares 

The city where Cervantes, the writer of Don Quixote, was born and baptized . Its university and historical centre have been declared World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO


Alcalá de Henares 

By Mehmet A. - Pixabay 
By Lourdes Cardenal - Own work, CC BY-SA

House of Cervantes

By Lourdes Cardenal -, CC BY-SA 3.0

Statues of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza outside Cervantes' birthplace.

By ÁWá -, CC BY 2.5

Cloister part of the university

By Yvon Fruneau, CC BY3.0

The plateresque facade (R. Gil de Hontañón, 1543) of the most recognized building of the university

By FDV -, CC BY4.0

Valley  of  the  Fallen

Valley  of  the Fallen (Vallede los Caídos ),  an  enormous  basilica carved out from the stony ridge, with an  impressive world’s tallest cross,150 meters  high standing on top a nearby cliff, set in the surrounding woodlands. ​It  was  built  between 1940 and 1959  to  commemorate  those  who  died  during  the  Spanish   Civil  War. 

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Valley  of  the  Fallen  (Valle de los Caídos)

By Go Travelling, Public Domain
use Valley%20of%20the%20fallen%203_edite

Valley  of  the  Fallen, (Valle de los Caídos)

By Go Travelling, Public Domain
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