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Food and Souvenirs

There are many delicious Dutch delights. Here’s a list some foods you should sample! ​

Cheeses, Stroopwafels (waffles) ,  pancakes, apple pie, Bitterballen (Beef Cocktail Croquette ), raw herring, seafood, Dutch Split Pea Soup, 

Frikandel (skinless sausage), French fries with mayonnaise and spicy Indonesian dishes. ​

holland 1-COLLAGE.jpg

Shopping in Amsterdam's colourful and lively markets is a great way to clinch a bargain while picking up a few Dutch souvenirs for your friends and family back home. There are some great markets to choose, set mostly in the centre of town.

Famous Dutch souvenirs include wood shoes, Delft blue earthenware, tulips bulbs, windmill miniatures, cheese and stroopwafels.  


 Performance by the Dutch Ladies 

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