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Offical name: Repubblica Italiana


Capital: Rome


Form of Government:  Republic  Democracy


Area:  301.338 km²


Population: 61 million


Other major cities: Florence, Genoa, Milan, Venice, Pisa, Turin, Naples, Palermo.


Italy, a new nation with a very old civilization. Its capital, Rome was founded in 753BC.

After the Roman Empire broke down, there were many separate kingdoms and city states. Italy became one nation only in 1861  with Victor Emmanuel II  as King for the Kingdom of Italy .  


Venice Square, Rome

By Clarence Alford - Pixabay 
By Karim Ben Van - Unsplash

Around 40% of Italy is made up of mountains.  The 2 main mountains ranges in Italy are the Alps and Apennine that form the physical backbone of peninsular Italy. The highest point of Italy is called Monte Bianco, along the French border. It is also the highest mountain in Europe.

Sea lovers can enjoy the magnificent views of the ocean in Sardinia, Sicily or the Riveria.  Italy has long stretches of sparkling coastline, more than 7600 km, many postcard-perfect  coastal villages. 

Each with its own panorama of breathtaking ocean views.  

There are countless UNESCO World heritage sites dotted around Italy.  It has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country as well as museums which are full of masterpieces created by artists such

as Michelangelo, Raphael, and da Vinci.

Italy is deivided into twenty regions, with one hundred and ten provinces which are  subdivided into eight thousand, one hundred comune. Every region and city features a different atmosphere, has its own unique charm,  its own  traditions and preserved their centuries-old flair.

by Serge WOLFGANG from Pixabay.jpg
By Serge WOLFGANG - Pixabay.jpg
by Mark Skillen from Pixabay.jpg
By Mark Skillen -  Pixabay 

Italy is the only country with 2 independent states resting within its borders; 

Vatican City, the Holy land of Catholic pilgrims and the treasure of arts and the mountain top

Republic of San Marino, the oldest republic in the world. 


Vatican City

By Go Travelling, Public Domain

Republic of San Marino

By Vilve Roosioks - Pixabay 

Vatican City

Area: 0.44 sq km

Population: 800

Vatican City is the world’s smallest independent state in both size and population, It has its own flag, anthem, and license plates and makes its own stamps and coins, although it uses the euro as currency .

Republic of San Marino

Area: 61  sq km

Population: 32,500

Europe’s third smallest country in

north-central Italy.

It sits atop Mount Titano, a limestone rock, looms above the surrounding hills, providing sweeping views of Italy.  

The nation’s  stamps are favorites among collectors.

Italy has so much to offer. The variety of attractions in the country is so great that there’s something for

everyone to love it. Be it walking down the glorious past in Rome, strolling along the lovely lakeshore or lazing on the stunning beaches,  browsing galleries in the shopping streets, immersing in culture, impeccable architecture, a wealth of historical monuments, savoury cuisine, wine tasting in the world-class vineyards, driving a  Ferrari or Lamborghini in Maranello or a date with Andrea Bocelli! Italy has it all! It is arguably a must-see destination for many European tours. 


And..... the Italians are warm and full of passion! No wonder Italy continues to draw people in – 

as it has for centuries.

 Other intriguing sites of interest 

Let us assist you to create an unforgettable memories in the Land of ‘La Dolce Vita’ meaning ‘sweet life’. 

Simply drop us an email with your tour request and expect our prompt response for your tailor-made quotation based on your needs and expectations! 

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