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Offical Name: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 


Capital: Luxembourg city 


Form of Government:  Constitutional Monarchy 


Currency: Euro   


Area:  2,585 km²

Populations: 591,000 


Other major  cities: Bourscheid ,Vianden, Mondorf-les-Bains,

Moselle valley ,Gréiwemaacher, Diekirch

Luxembourg, a small country lies between 2 powerful nations, Germany in the east and France in the South. Its strategic location was fortified by many European rulers.  

The main landscape of Luxembourg is rolling hills, glittering valley, high forested plateaus and wooded hills, as well as countless impressive views . The Ardennes Mountains extend from Belgium into the northern section of Luxembourg. The rolling plateau of the fertile Bon Pays is in the south. Some attractions have also been listed by the UNESCO such as parts of Luxembourg City, the national capital. 


Church of St Jean du Grund , Luxembourg City

By Go Travelling, Public Domain

Luxembourg City  is located on sheer cliffs, famous for its fortified medieval old town. Today, the old fortifications are filled with beautiful parks and gardens, while its cobbled stone streets are lined with charming medieval houses and buildings.  The Wall of the Corniche,  also  known as  Europe’s most  beautiful  balcony. 


luxembourg- by David Mark from Pixabay.j

Constitution Square 

 By David Mark - Pixabay 
By Go Travelling, Public Domain

It is home to people of more than 160 different nationalities. Such multiculturalism is shown in its commercial offering: from internationally renowned stores to a wide range of independent boutiques. 

luxembourg-2647963_1280.jpgby djedj from
By djedj - Pixabay 
philharmonic-4765848_1280.jpgby Laurent


By Laurent Verdier -Pixabay 

Echternach Church

By Hay Smits - Pixabay 
Saint_Matthew_church_Luxembourg_By Krzysztof Golik - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0.jpg

Saint Matthew Church

By Krzysztof Golik, CC BY-SA 4.0.
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Grand Ducal Palace, Luxembourg City

By Go Travelling, Public Domain

Plateau du Saint-Esprit

By Bogdan Korneker - Pixabay

City Hall

 By Guido Radig -, CC BY-SA 3.0

Notre Dame Cathedral

By Michał, CC BY 3.0
By GilPe - , CC BY-SA 3.0

Sculpture "Melusina"  along the Alzette River


The Corniche, Luxembourg City

By Dennis Jarvis from Halifax,, CC BY 2.0

Other highlights in the country is Bourscheid and Vianden, spa town Mondorf-les-Bains or Moselle valley with many well-known vineyards. There are also many museums and memorials around the country that record the turbulence of World War II.  

by Yvonne Huijbens from Pixabay castle-4449625_1280.jpg

 Vianden Castle

By Yvonne Huijbens - Pixabay 
castle-bourscheid-4361672_1280.jpgby Yvo

Bourscheid Castle

By Yvonne Huijbens - Pixabay 
By Go Travelling, Public Domain
By Go Travelling, Public Domain

Rest your weary feet, enjoy a famous local hot chocolate and dessert in any of the street cafes while deciding where to visit next.  

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