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其他主要城市:布莱德湖 (Lake Bled)皮兰(Piran),  马里博尔(Maribor),克拉尼(Kranj),采列 (Celje),科佩尔(Koper),韦伦耶(Velenje)斯科法洛卡(ŠkofjaLoka)和  波斯托伊那 (Postojna)

 By Daniela Turcanu - Pixabay 


卢布尔雅那为首都及最大城市, 有公元前三、四世纪的罗马古城遗址、十八世纪的圣尼古拉总教堂、1702年建的音乐馆和一些十七世纪的巴洛克式建筑等历史文化遗址。

斯洛文尼亚森林覆盖面积广袤,海岸线绵长,拥有清澈优美的冰川湖泊,朱利安阿尔卑斯山的滑雪胜地,山谷,迷人的森林和洞穴, 还有众多如世外桃源般的城镇和景点,旅游业发达, 适合开展各种各样的户外运动, 极受斯洛文尼亚和欧洲游客的喜爱。



卢布尔雅那是一座美丽而有趣的桥梁之城。它的河流卢布尔雅那(Ljubljanica)流经卢布尔雅那老城,曾经是主要贸易路线的一部分。 卢布尔雅那被三重桥(Tromostovje)分为两半,一侧是一座历史悠久的中世纪小镇,而另一侧则是这座城市充满活力的现代部分。 如今,河已成为城市社会生活的核心,沿运河遍布着许多酒吧和餐馆。

Prešeren Square

Named after France Preseren, Slovenia’s national Poet , and marked by his statue, the square is where the city meets up and celebrate. The Franciscan Church of the Annunciation, with its red façade, is one of the most striking building in the square.

Besides this lavish 17th century Baroque Church, there are many other charming buildings for you to gaze upon, with the magnificent Triple Bridge being another highlight. These three bridges span across the Ljubljanica river and connect Preseren Square to the Old Town.

The middle bridge was built in 1842, The other two smaller bridges were added by Jože Plečnik in 1932, and decorated all three bridges with enormous stone balustrades and lamps,  thus created a unique architectural gem of Ljubljana. There are many great pictures opportunity around the square.

Dragon Bridge

Built in 1901, the four fierce-looking dragons that stand on each corner of this bridge seem to be protecting the castle sitting in the background. Dragons are an emblem for Ljubljana and you’ll find them on the city’s coat of arms as well as buildings across the city. A very popular place for photos amongst tourists.

Town Square (Mestni Trg)

Town Square (Mestni Trg) is another major square in Ljubljana, where the 15th century Town Hall is located.  In front of the Town Hall is the beautiful Robba Fountain, by the Francesco Robba, and depicts three male figures pouring water from jugs. Not far away, is the Baroque St. Nicolas Cathedral that dominates the square with its splendid dome. It’s an awe-inspiring building replete with art by a number of Italian Baroque masters. Outside the cathedral, you'll find the city Central Market,  lines with stalls selling local products. Explore many of its  twisting cobbled lanes with colorful medieval buildings, flanked by numerous bars, cafés and restaurants.