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有“冰川之城”美称,位于阿尔卑斯山的群峰之中,马特宏峰(Matterhorn)脚下,是前往马特宏峰(Matterhorn)的必经之路。 这里 是世界著名的无汽车污染的山间旅游胜地,环境幽雅、空气清新,宁静而又安详, 可以欣赏到宏伟壮丽的山峰和冰川景色。采尔马特也是所有滑雪爱好者心中的天堂,这里有着一个世界上第二大垂直落差的滑雪场。


Matterhorn, known as Monte Cervino in Italian, and Mont Cervin in France , is the most iconic peak in the entire Alps. Often referred to as “the Mountain of Mountains”, this large almost perfect pyramid shape peak is the most-photographed mountain in the world.

Standing at 4,478 meters, Matterhorn is the fifth highest peak in the Alps. It is located on the border between Switzerland and Italy. The mountain dominates the Swiss village of Zermatt, in the German-speaking region, and the Italian alpine resort of Breuil-Cervinia, in the Aosta Valley region.

You may view the Matterhorn from Gornergrat, ascend by the ultimate Matterhorn scenic rail experience or from Klein Matterhorn,  by the new Crystal ride cable car, exclusive cabins decorated with sparking Swarovski crystals and transparent floor glass, showing the magnificent view of the glacier landscape below.

Both offer a different view of Matterhorn. It is simply jaw-dropping!

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