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Italian Cuisine

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Cooking Class

A unique occasion to learn with our Chef the authentic 

Italian cuisine. 
During this experience, you will learn to prepare and cook the Italian cuisine following the traditional recipes. 
It will also be a moment of great fun, to taste with the other participants the dishes you have made with a glass of wine, or two!  Sweet or salted, Pizza, Lasagna or Pasta! 
A great experience to learn about the Italian cuisine with a professional English speaking Chef. 

Contact us  to discover all about it. 

Italy has a  vast culinary culture, from  pasta, risotto, cheeses, cured meats, pizza, focaccia, seafoods, Florentine steak , to the finest seasonal delicacies like truffles, you would need a life time to sample all the best Italian food, and that’s before you even consider dessert and wines. 

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Italy's  real culinary treasure is the “black diamonds” or truffles found in many regions, Langhe province near the city of Alba in Piedmont , Tuscany, Umbria and  Le Marche.   What better way to learn about the history and art of truffle hunting than to go on a hunt yourself? 

Head out into the countryside accompanied by an expert truffle hunter and his trusted dogs in search of the treasured delicacy.  

By Andrea Cairone - Unsplash
By pixelia -Pixabay
By Mrdidg - Pixabay 
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